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Finding suppliers in China

readilyADVIAN has extensive experience in finding suppliers in China and Southeast Asian countries.

Finding the right business partner abroad can be difficult due to several reasons, such as the great variety of goods and services on offer, sometimes of questionable quality; the language barrier and travel difficulties; and also the need to establish mutual trust, which is a prerequisite for successful business partnership.

However, having its own branch offices in China and business ties to a number of manufacturers allows ADVIAN to offer you a unique service: assistance in finding suppliers in China. This service is all the more valuable for Russian companies, that have just recently established or are only thinking of establishing business relations with Chinese manufacturers.

We offer to purchase a small consignment of goods in China and to subsequently deliver it to Russia as part of groupage cargo. We can offer, for your trial consignment, not only the more expensive delivery routes including forwarding by air, but also routes that include forwarding by road and rail.

These are the steps of the process of assisting you in finding suppliers in China:

  • You send us a list and a detailed description of goods that you would like to purchase.
  • Our managers promptly contact suppliers, obtain samples of the goods and data required to calculate the cost of delivery to Russia – and advise you of the final cost of the goods that includes all the expenses.
  • If necessary, we can organize your visit to the manufacturer’s plant so that you could review the product in more detail and conduct business negotiations.

If you are satisfied with the quality of price of the goods, we will organize the purchase and delivery of the goods from China to Russia.

It’s not just the delivery of your cargo that we offer – it’s cooperation.

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