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easeOur company offers a full range of certification assistance services, while striving to minimize delays, costs, and the amount of required documentation.

Our services are based on professionalism, providing customized and comprehensive solutions for our clients, a sensible pricing policy, and a result-oriented approach. Every company – be it a manufacturer, an importer, or a supplier – sooner or later comes face to face with the need to obtain a number of certificates for its goods, drawing up exemption letters, supporting documentation for customs clearance including certificates of conformity, certificates of fire safety, sanitary and epidemiologic inspection reports, etc. Collecting and obtaining the document package required to apply for any certificate and the ensuing application procedure is a time- and energy-consuming, nerve-racking activity. However, all this can be avoided by using ADVIANS’s services.

Our assistance will enable you to quickly and effortlessly obtain the following documents:

A GOST-R certificate of conformity is a document certifying that a product conforms to technical regulations, standards, specifications and to contractual terms. GOST-R certificates of conformity are issued by product certification bodies accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

A declaration of conformity is a document in which a manufacturer declares that his product meets the requirements of all regulations and standards.

A declaration of conformity and certification are ways of ensuring that products and services conform to established quality standards. The declaration procedure is very similar to the certification procedure, the only difference being that one has to fill out different forms.

A certificate of conformity to technical regulations is a document certifying that a product conforms to the requirements of the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation”, which provides for the replacement of tens of thousands of GOSTs (federal technical standards) and SanPiNs (sanitary regulations and norms) with several hundred technical regulations.

An exemption letter is a document issued by an authorized body attesting that a product is not subject to mandatory certification or that its conformity can be certified by a declaration of conformity.

A certificate of ozone-depleting substances content is an official import permit for products containing ozone-depleting substances.

A certificate of absence of ethanol is an official report of results of laboratory test for alcohol additives. It certifies the presence or absence of ethanol in a product.

An import quarantine permit is a document permitting the import into Russia of products (materials, cargo) that are subject to quarantine. Every batch of products subject to quarantine must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate that is to be produced for phytosanitary quarantine inspection at border crossing checkpoints and at local branches of the State Plant Quarantine Inspection of the Russian Federation.

A vehicle type approval is a document permitting a given vehicle to be brought into the territory of the Russian Federation and registered there. It certifies that the vehicle meets safety requirements.

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